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From now on, our team is composed of girls of different nationalities and from different cultures. We enriched our multinational group of ladies with Russian hotties. A well-known stereotype that Russian women are the most attractive and loyal comes true. It is in our agency you will reveal that Russian girls are the best.

Apart from being the most gorgeous and sexiest babes in the world, Russian women are the smartest we ever encountered. Our clientele consists of very successful people ranging from businessmen to bank head executives. We are operating with serious people, that is why we pay so much attention to the selective process. It turned out, to our surprise, demonstrated the highest results both in the sexual expertise and in the intellectual vitality. Having a decent educational background, these girls easily support any communication. You may be in the business conference or at home with friends, but you are confident in your woman, because she conforms to your expectations.

In addition, there is a unique feature related to the Russian girls. Every Russian lady in our agency is very soulful and sincere. We all lack a comfort sometimes after returning home from a routine work. And addressing this issue to the escort services in the search for such comfort, we miss it. Our escort team assures that Russian women will never leave you stumbled on your problems. These girls are there for you, regardless of what is bothering you.

Once you are home, you will be surrounded by love and care. Imagine how pleased you can be when a beautiful lady accompanies you during the day and pleases you during the night. When the sun sets, she will be the realisation of all your hidden dreams and whims. With no boundaries and taboos, Russian beauties will reply ‘yes’ to your enquires. You are allowed and are most welcome to participate in the most extravagant sexual activities which come to your mind.

You will appreciate to take your girl out to the museum or to the gallery or even to the gym with you. She will follow you everywhere you want.

A special remark must be made for the most successful clients. If you plan a business trip or you just need to take a girl with you to another country, we wont ever make it a problem. All our women have visas and other required permits to go to literally any country. Some of them hold a dual nationality, so this wont be a problem.

For the most demanding clients we guarantee that our girls are perfect cookers. No need to go to the restaurant in the morning, when your breakfast can be brought to you in the bed. All special orders and alimentation preferences are taken into account. Plus all of them are familiar with different types of cuisine as they traveled worldwide.

Many poor escort agencies and inadequate prostitute institutions can not offer the good look of their girls when it comes to important meetings and other going outs. But this is not the case for us. Our escort service is elite, and in this sense our women wear the most luxurious outfits and are ready to dress up appropriately.

Having said that our russian escort agency is multicultural, we also implied that you will never experience some sort of barrier due to the cultural difference. Our women, especially Russians, travelled the world. They are fluent in at least one foreign language and are easy in adopting this difference. In other words, you will never have troubles with a girl from another background.

Needless to say, so far there were no disappointed clients asking money to return. However, if you feel yourself unsatisfied, we will easily return your money since we cannot charge for nothing. The most elite russian escort in Kuala-Lumpur are there for you! Feel free to contact us at any time, we will reply in short order.

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